About us

The Sussex Law Society, founded in 1860, is a professional organisation representing solicitors practising in the central Sussex area. It provides valuable benefits to its members including local CPD training, regular social events, a monthly on-line newsletter and free advertising for job vacancies on the website and in the newsletter.

The Sussex Law Society is independent of other Local Law Societies and of the solicitors’ controlling bodies, the Law Society and the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority (SRA). Members include employed solicitors, sole practitioners, firms specialising in particular areas of law, firms carrying on general practice, substantial regional firms, & firms with international connections. As a result, the range and breadth of expertise of its members for both the private and business client is extensive.

The Society’s principal objects include:

  • The protection of the character, status, rights and interests of its members and of the profession of solicitors generally.
  • The promotion of honorable practice among solicitors.
  • The consideration of questions affecting the profession at large, or the alteration or administration of the law, and
  • The promotion of legal education.

Officers & Committee 2022/23

Management of the Society is by a General Committee consisting of the Officers who are elected annually at the AGM (President, Vice-President, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary) and six elected members. In addition, it includes the Immediate Past President, any member who is a member of the Council of the Law Society and other members co-opted by the elected Committee. Details of the current Committee are given below.

If you are a member interested in joining the Committee, please contact the COO, Jeanette Lacy Scott



Manjinder Nagra

Firm Brighton & Hove City Council

Contact: Email Manjinder Nagra

Vice President

Daniel Dickson

Firm Dean Wilson, Brighton

Contact: Email Daniel Dickson

Immediate Past President & Honorary Treasurer

Oliver Maxwell-Jones

Firm Coole Bevis LLP, Brighton

Contact: Email Oliver Maxwell-Jones

Honorary Secretary

Sarah O’Sullivan

Firm Renaissance Legal

Contact: Email Sarah O’Sullivan

Law Society Council Member for Sussex

Andrew Bishop

Firm Bishop & Light Solicitors

Contact: Email Andrew Bishop


General Committee Member (2020)

Emma Weir

Firm DMH Stallard LLP, Hassocks

Contact: Email Emma Weir

General Committee Member (2020)

Camilla Rents

Firm Old Bailey Solicitors

Contact: Email Camilla Rents

General Committee Member (elected 2021)

Jason Bradshaw

Firm Cunningtons LLP, Brighton

Contact: Email Jason Bradshaw

General Committee Member (2021)

Lawrence Corr

Firm Mid Sussex District Council

Contact: Email Lawrence Corr

General Committee Member (2023)

Jacqueline Hardaway

Firm Dawson Hart, Uckfiled

Contact: Email Jacqueline Hardaway

General Committee Member (2023)

Malvina Peci

Firm Goodlaw Solicitors

Contact: Email Malvina Peci

General Committee Member (co-opted 2023)

Gilva Tisshaw

Firm Tisshaws Solicitors, Haywards Heath

Contact: Email Gilva Tisshaw

General Committee Member (Co-opted 2023)

Patrick Richards

Contact: Email Patrick Richards

General Committee Member (co-opted 2023)

Lucy Tarrant

Firm Cognitive Law, Brighton

Contact: Email Lucy Tarrant


Jeanette Lacy Scott

Firm Sussex Law Society

Contact: Email Jeanette Lacy Scott