Is Cyber Essentials adequate defence for your businesses in today’s threat landscape?

4th April 2023

Any business can fall victim to a cyberattack. Two of the main causes are outdated antivirus and not applying changes to update operating systems, or ‘patching’. Almost 60% of data breaches are caused by software that isn’t patched.

Businesses are advised to begin with Cyber Essentials requirements as a base level of security. However, they should also be looking for a continuous level of protection. An innovative cloud-based cyber security solution, called CDE (Cyber Defence by Extech Cloud*) has been developed by specialists at Extech Cloud, to help businesses like yours keep cybersecurity up to date. Unlike many cybersecurity products, CDE enables continuous monitoring of a business’s compliance level, and automatic remediation of any security threats posed. Learn more about how Extech Cloud can help your business.

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*CDE is only available to Extech Cloud customers, with a minimum of Microsoft 365 Business Premium licences and an active IT support agreement.