Lunchtime Compliance Update Training Webinars

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| Live lunchtime webinars every 2 weeks throughout the Autumn | 12 noon - 1pm


£30 + Vat per session, £200 + Vat for a package of 8 sessions


Lunchtime Compliance Update Training Webinars

Headline News! SRA fine employee £3500 for not following the firm’s policies and procedures – no source of funds checks on two conveyancing matters.  SRA fine firm £4000 for not having a practice-wide risk assessment for four years.

These are just two of the recent fines being issued by the SRA with no doubt plenty more to follow! We don’t want this to be you! Put that together with the SRA releasing the new SRA AML Sectoral Risk Assessment and the SRA Risk Outlook in one week and there is a lot to keep up with.

This Autumn we are putting together a series of one-hour webinars every two weeks on Tuesday 12pm – 1pm on some of the most important areas of compliance for law firms. These sessions will keep you up to date with any new updates being released by the SRA and others. The webinars are being presented by Joanna Morris and the timetable is as follows (click on the links to find out more about each individual webinar):

12th September – Preparing for an SRA AML visit – would you get a clean bill of health?

26th September – The new SRA AML Sectoral Risk Assessment – emerging risks to consider for your PWRA

10th October – Cybercrime in law firms – what’s the risk in law firms?

24th October – The practice-wide risk assessment (PWRA) – is your house in order?

7th November – Client and matter risk assessments – why we need them and are they being used correctly?

21 November – SRA Accounts Rules update – key amendments to the 2019 rules

5th December – SRA AML Annual Report – facts, figures and the future

19th December – CDD and identifying documents – is it real or fake?

You can attend individual sessions at £30 + VAT by completing and returning the application forms accessed via the above links.