Practice Managers’ Networking Workshop & Lunch

Date & Time

31st January 2019 | The Hove Club, 28 Fourth Avenue, Hove, BN3 2BJ | 12.00 - 14.00


No Charge

Engaged and healthy employees increase financial performance, they make better employees:  they are more effective, proactive and creative which in turn leads to greater client satisfaction, lower staff turnover and fewer absences.

Firms and organisations which invest in resilience and wellbeing see immediate and long-term benefits from the initiatives themselves and from the fact that workers know their organisations look out for them.  Firms who want their workers to thrive are also very likely to appeal to new recruits.

Every firm should strive to create a healthy culture.  When working conditions deteriorate our organisations’ health and our own are undermined.

We can find the antidote in resilience.  Resilience is a practice which enables us and our firms to bounce back from setbacks; to weather changes and; to face forwards to the future.

Find out more here and come along on 31st January  to learn how to impact your personal resilience and wellbeing in an interactive workshop facilitated by Ann LangfordGRL Legal will be sponsoring this first 2019 meeting of the Practice Managers’ Networking Group.

Please contact Jeanette Lacy Scott to register to attend.